Original Art

emily skateboardart 350Emily Price is a prodigiously talented young artist. She works on commission, and thrives on the whole collaborative process. She finds continual inspiration in creating unique pieces, using her skill and imagination to bring someone’s idea to life. For Emily it is a joyful process to create a lasting experience for others, one that she explores through various media, including: 

  • acrylic paint on canvas and other surfaces
  • watercolour 
  • drawing 
  • mixed media 

Some of her most popular pieces are her custom skateboard decks and tables. She paints the artwork on the surface and then coats it in a protective sealant. The designs range from whimsical to beautiful, depending on the personality of the individual commissioning the work and the purpose of the piece.

Emily experiments with movement, light and colour to create vibrant pieces that connect with the viewer. For Emily, art is a process of reciprocity, with the emotion and energy she invests in her pieces finding expression in the response of others to her work. 

“A big part of my creative energy and joy has its source in the love and support of my family and friends. The reason I love making art comes back to the people around me. Their belief in me transforms into my belief in my art. And it becomes about bringing that joy to others through my art. It’s about how people feel when they look at the artwork I created for them.” 


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