Social Media Management

Matthew has the reputation of being a social media guru, and has a deep understanding of how to get your business thriving in the weird and wonderful world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Matthew is an Admin on many of his clients’ social media accounts. Most of them decided that their expertise lies elsewhere, and that it made more sense to focus their time and energy doing what they do best – leaving the social media stuff to someone who knows how to transform content into new business for their organisation.

These are just some of the things Matthew can do to raise the profile of your organisation via your social media accounts:

  • Manage your social media, delivering meaningful and intelligent content that gets noticed
  • Create custom social media graphics
  • Manage and schedule posts 
  • Boost posts
  • Run successful Facebook campaigns to increase followers, reach and engagement
  • High impact Facebook advertising
  • Not only increase ‘likes’ and followers, but garner new referrals and business for your organisation

Matthew has helped take multiple Facebook pages to over 200,000 followers, with one reaching over 850,000 followers! A single Facebook advertising campaign often gains 10,000 to 20,000 new followers. Here Matthew describes one example of a successful campaign:

‘One client increased their budget half-way through the campaign when they saw how successful it was becoming, which resulted in an increase for their page from about 5,000 followers to 40,000 followers in a very short space of time! They’ve continued to follow my strategic social media advice and direction, and have now passed 50,000 followers.’

A Facebook advertising campaign includes managing the page for a specified period of time and using Facebook advertising and boosted posts selectively to ensure maximum reach. A campaign can run for a few days to a few weeks, depending on how users are responding to the page and posts. Each campaign is fully customised to the client. Importantly, the new followers are only users that see the page and/or posts and choose to like and follow the page. They are not fake or spam accounts that can be purchased from dodgy providers for a fee to artificially elevate the appearance of followers.

‘My creative eye and high level of social media awareness ensure that the images and texts I choose when creating social media content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work beautifully together and have instant and powerful impact.’

Click on the images below for some examples from social media accounts managed by Matthew that illustrate the depth, humour and interest that his social media content embraces.

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