Web Design

Sometimes our clients have a clear vision of what they want, and we work closely with them to bring that vision to life, always with the goal of exceeding their expectations. Other times our clients only have a general idea. Some even call themselves technologically challenged! That’s OK – that’s what we’re here for. Design is firstly about listening to you, and getting a thorough understanding of your business or organisation.

  • What products or services do you offer?
  • Who is your ideal audience and what are their needs and expectations?
  • Who are your key competitors?

The Transformation by Design team can then determine how best to showcase your products or services in ways that connect meaningfully with your target audience and help you stand out. Whether your objective is to inform, to inspire or to persuade (or all three!), we will craft a website for you that is not only visually stunning but that achieves these objectives.

Design comes down to two simple functions: engaging your audience and communicating your message. And these functions rely on the fundamental principles of good design. We work with the concepts of alignment, repetition, contrast, hierarchy and balance. The result is a more unified design – one that instils a sense of familiarity and identity with your brand. The use of contrast helps to generate impact, while having a hierarchy of information helps to communicate your brand message. And the use of balance creates that synergy between symmetry and tension that gives structure to the design.

Transformation by Design’s principal designer Matthew Price draws upon all of these design principles, finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and function to create a stunning, dynamic website design that will become an integral part of the visual identity of your organisation. Design is not just a 9 to 5 job for Matthew. He stays current with evolving technologies and design trends so that his work is always fresh and innovative. And he is constantly honing his skills to improve on previous design work and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

‘The screen is my canvas. I work with the principles of good design to push the constraints of the web space, to stretch the boundaries of what my designs can achieve – to create unique and dynamic websites.’

A good example of this in Matthew’s portfolio is The Gianna Centre website. Matthew used curves and circles to create movement and a soft and nurturing design space that aligns with the nature of the organisation and welcomes the user in. This is in contrast to the harsh lines and square designs that currently dominate the design sphere due to the saturation of websites created using a table grid format.

Matthew can create an outcome for you that is not only beautiful but is also intuitive to navigate and thoughtfully structured to help your viewers focus on the value of your brand.